Guyana, the 4th smallest country on the continent of South America, sits on the coast bordered by Venezuela, Brazil, Suriname and the Atlantic Ocean. It is the only country on the continent that has English as its national language and as such it is the gateway for the rest of the English-speaking world to this region. Guyana is promoted for tourism under the tag “Guyana – South America Undiscovered” for this very reason.

Covering a land surface of 83,000 sq. miles of which more than 70% remains virgin rainforest, the Amazon is home to a wealth of flora and fauna. Guyana has one of the highest levels of biodiversity in the world and its eco-tourism potential remains incomparable. The tumbling 741 feet waterfall, Kaieteur, is one of the world’s most inspiring natural wonders. Kaieteur is amongst one of the 300 waterfalls that can be found in Guyana and is the longest single drop waterfall in the world, five times the size of Niagara. Guyana is home to more than 750 species of birds such as the toucan, the harpy eagle, and the hoatzin. Giant animals such as the sloths, caimans, manatees, anteaters, boas, turtles and river the otters just to name a few.

Proceeding out of the jungle and onwards to Georgetown the capital city, home to most of the population, the experience is quite different. There are lots to do that can appeal to a variety of interests such as, visiting the gardens, the museum, a factory tour or shopping along regent street into Stabroek Market which is known as the main shopping district. A city tour can be done by air or on land where one will be taken to monuments, buildings and site of historical significance to Guyana. Included on these city tours are places proposed for listing under UNESCO Heritage such as:

  • The City Hall
  • Fort Zeelandia (including the Court of Policy)
  • Georgetown’s Plantation Structure and Historic Buildings
  • Shell Beach (Almond Beach)
  • Georges Anglican Cathedral

Guyana offers the party and flare of the Caribbean on one hand with the peace and tranquility of nature on the other.