Attestation of documents

The High Commission only attests ORIGINAL documents after they would have first been authenticated/attested by the designated authorities from the Indian Ministry of External Affairs, Chambers of Commerce and Industry/Food and Drug Administration/Notary Public.

The procedure is as follows:

  1. Educational Certificates – These must first be attested by the relevant State Education Department, Notary Public, Sub Divisional Magistrate and the Ministry of External Affairs. The authentication must be clearly signed, stamped/sealed.
  2. Commercial Documents – These must first be authenticated by the relevant district Chamber of Commerce and Food and Drug Administration, where the business has been registered; Notary from the Government of India and the Ministry of External Affairs. These documents should be stamped/sealed and signed accordingly before the High Commission could process.

 NB: Documents for pharmaceutical products must include the manufacturing and expiration dates. Products with less than a year shelf life will not be attested.

 FEE: – Rupees 1000 per original page.


  1. This High Commission attests documents/certificates on the basis that the relevant authorities have authenticated, and that the details provided, especially the expiration dates, are valid; hence the Mission does not take responsibility for the content of the documents.
  2. All submission should be accompanied by photocopies. However, these will not be attested by the High Commission.
  3. Fraudulent documents/signatures will be handed over to the police authority for necessary action.