Generally, you are required to have a passport with at least 6 months validity.
You may apply to replace your passport six (6) months before it expires.  Typically, the processing time is approximately six (6) weeks.

The Mission requires the following in order for a new passport to be processed:
1. A completed passport application form, paying specific attention to instructions given on the said form.

Two (2) recent coloured photographs.   See specifications below. The photographs must be certified by the same person who   signs as reference on Page 3 of the application form.

3. CDN$95.00 in cash or money order payable to the “Guyana High Commission, Ottawa”PERSONAL CHEQUES ARE NOT ACCEPTED. 

4. An original Birth Certificate together with (if applicable):
a.      Registered Deed Poll
b.      Change of Name Certificate
c.      Certificate of Descent
d.      Naturalization or Registration Certificate
e.      Marriage Certificate
f.      Husband’s Birth Certificate
g.      Affidavit of Identity
h.      Decree Absolute Certificate
i.      Certificate of Adoption.

5. Previous Passport

6. A pre-paid Express post envelope for the return of the Passport for persons applying outside of Ottawa.


a) Specifications for photographs:  passport size no larger than 45mm X 35mm
or smaller than 32mm X 26mm, and must have been taken within the last six (6) months.

b) Change of name/s cannot be effected in the passport.  Applicants would need to apply for a new passport in the desired name/s.  Please see requirements for new passport above.

c) In case of a child, parents’ birth certificate(s) and passport on which the child arrived in Canada must also be provided.

d) Persons accepted as Recommenders:-

The Recommender must be professionally known to the applicant and can be a Guyanese or Canadian Citizen practicing or working in Canada.  Below are some examples of recommenders:

Certified Accountant (with Business Card or License No.)
Business Manager/Human Resources Manager
Doctor/Dentist/Registered Nurse (Reg.#)
Imam/Pandit/Priest (with Lic# or Business Card/Office Stamp)
Lawyer/Notary Public/Justice of Peace
Pharmacist (with Lic#)
Professional Engineer (with Lic# or Business Card)
Police Officer (with Badge#)
School Principal (with Office Stamp/Card)
University/College Professor (with Office Stamp/Card)

e) Ensure that your signature is affixed to both pages 2 and 3 of the application

Damaged Passport:
Applicant is required to submit a notarized affidavit stating the circumstances how the passport was damaged, in addition to all of the above stated requirements for a new passport.

Lost Passport:
a) Applicant is required to report the loss to the nearest police station as soon as possible and obtain a copy of the report.

b) Submit an original notarized affidavit stating the circumstances how the passport was lost.

c) Complete application form with all necessary requirements as stated for a new passport.
The cost to replace a damaged/lost passport is $195.00 Canadian dollars.   Cash or Money Order made payable to the “Guyana High Commission, Ottawa”.

d) Processing time is approximately three (3) months.

Emergency travel document is issued to Guyanese without a valid passport for EMERGENCY PURPOSES only.     This document is not issued for vacation purposes.

a) A completed application form
b) Two (2) recent passport size photographs
c) Fee of CDN$40.00
d) Travel itinerary indicating time and date of departure   and
e) Original birth certificate.
Please note that Emergency Certificates are only for traveling to Guyana, they are not for traveling to any other country, nor for the return to Canada.

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