Who is eligible under the re-migrant scheme?2020-10-06T13:52:59+00:00

(a) A Guyanese citizen who is eighteen (18) years and above, who has been residing legally overseas for a
minimum of five (5) consecutive years and is now returning to Guyana.
(b) A Guyanese graduate who has completed their studies at an institution abroad and resided overseas for a
minimum of three (3) years and is now returning to Guyana.

Where should applications for re-migration status be made?2020-10-06T13:52:04+00:00

Applications must be submitted in person to the Remigration Officer at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs &
International Cooperation, address: 254 South Road & Shiv Chanderpaul Drive Georgetown; telephone number:
(592) 226-1606-8 ext. 339/340; email: remigration@minfor.gov.gy

When should applications be submitted?2020-10-06T13:51:08+00:00

Applications must be submitted within the first six (6) months of re-assuming residence in Guyana.

What are the documents that must accompany the application?2020-10-06T13:37:22+00:00

1. Copies of the bio-data page and all stamped pages of your current passport. If the current passport is less than five years old, then applicants must submit their previous passport.

2. Applicants who are unable to produce their previous passport must request their travel records for the last five (5) years from the Guyana Passport Office and produce evidence of legal residency in the country they reside, these documents include: citizenship certificate, tax returns, permanent residency card and/documentation from the Immigration Department of the said country stating your legal residency.

3. For prospective applicants in the Caribbean, they must submit evidence of legal residence in the country they are presently residing in, which includes CSME Certificates, work permits, permanent residency certificates etc.

4. Original and copy of the Statutory Declaration from a Justice of Peace or a Commissioner of Oaths in Guyana.

5. Copy of documentation proving that you are coming to resettle in Guyana, e.g. Transport, Lease, rent receipt, business license, etc.

6. If you are a disabled or a substantive pensioner, a pension letter, Bus Pass, Medical letter or Social Security card must be provided.

7. If you are a student, copy of certificate, a student card and a letter from the University attended covering the duration of study must be provided.

8. Copy of motor vehicle, motorcycle or boat for leisure Registration, Certificate of Title or other form of ownership must be provided if necessary.

9. Intentions of purchasing a new vehicle must be stated in the Statutory Declaration or a copy of a Quotation for the vehicle must be submitted.

10. A detailed list of household and personal effects, which must be itemized and quantified.

11. Two passport size photographs.

12. Copy of Tax Identification Number certificate (TIN).

13. Copy of Birth Certificate.

14. In the case of a name change, copy of a deed poll or a marriage certificate. Two copies of each document must be submitted to the Re-migration Office.

15. All documents that are not in English must be translated and certified by a credible organisation.

For more information on the Re-migrant Scheme please email remigration@minfor.gov.gy or call (592) 226-1606-8 Ext: 339/340

What are the exemptions given?2020-10-06T14:04:05+00:00

Exemption from duty and Value Added Tax (VAT) are given on the following:
(a) A reasonable quantity of personal effects
(b) A reasonable quantity of household effects including domestic and electrical appliances.
(c) A limited amount of tools of trade
(d) 1 Motor Vehicle; provided that the motor vehicle is not older than eight years from the date of manufacture
to the date of importation, 1 Motorcycle and 1 leisure boat that are owned by the re-migrant. Documentary
evidence must be provided as noted below:
The applicant must present the Registration, Certificate of Title or other form of proof of ownership of vehicle
from the country where re-migrant resided to confirm that vehicle was owned by applicant.
In the case of a motor vehicle, the re-migrant must pay the excise tax at the rate of 5% or 10% of the CIF value
depending on the cubic capacity (cc) of the vehicle and as stipulated in Table A-2 of Section 15 of the Excise Tax
Act 2005 – Less than 1500cc to 1800cc – 5%, l801cc to 2000cc – 10%, 2001cc – 3000cc – 10%, above 3000 cc –
Please note that applicants are no longer required to own a motor vehicle for at least six (6) months prior to
returning, in fact, re-migrants have the option of importing a new vehicle or purchasing a motor vehicle in

How long does it take to process an application for re-migrant status?2020-10-06T13:43:38+00:00

Applications submitted to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs & International Cooperation will be processed within
21 working days provided that all  necessary information is submitted.
It should be noted that the approval from the Minister of Foreign Affairs & International Cooperation signifies that the applicant qualifies for re-migrant status and consequently duty-free concessions. However, the level of duty-free concessions is determined by the Guyana Revenue Authority following the examination of the documents submitted and an interview with the re-migrant.

How long is the approval letter from the Minister of Foreign Affairs & International Cooperation valid for?2020-10-06T13:46:04+00:00

The approval letter is valid for six months.

Can a re-migrant modify the list of items after receiving the approval letter from the Minister of Foreign Affairs & International Cooperation?2020-10-06T13:44:46+00:00

The approval letter by the Minister of Foreign Affairs & International Cooperation cannot be modified or amended after it is issued. Re-migrants are therefore encouraged to ensure that they gather and submit all the
relevant documents that are required and those which support their application before the application form is submitted to the Remigration Unit for processing.
For more information on the Re-migrant Scheme please send email to remigration@minfor.gov.gy

Conditions that must be satisfied where exemptions are granted2020-11-05T16:47:19+00:00
  •  The re-migrant must reside in Guyana for three (3) years cumulatively in the case of a used vehicle, or five years
    cumulatively in the case of a new vehicle failing which exemptions granted become immediately payable in
    accordance with the Customs Act.
  • That the re-migrant must reside at least 183 days for each year until the three year or five year period has
  •  During the three and five year periods, the re-migrant cannot transfer, lease, sell, gift or otherwise assign or
    dispose of the motor vehicle in respect of which the exemption is granted.

In accordance with your comments on Folio (26) a response is hereby forwarded for your perusal.

The application forms must be completed/filled out in duplicate, signed and sworn to before a Magistrate, Justice of the Peace or other Official Title and must be returned with the following documents:

  • Copy of Acceptance letter from country of residence which must be translated in English
  • Copy of applicant’s passport granting citizenship
  • Original Guyana Passport
  • Two (2) Passport size photographs
  • Certified (Original) of applicant’s Birth Certificate
  • Certified (Original) of applicant’s Marriage Certificate
  • Proof of address in country where residing
  • Copy of country Identification card
  • Written letter stating the reason for surrendering your Guyanese nationality
  • Proof of Employment overseas
  • Overseas driver’s license (if any)
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